Porsche 911 RSR // Circuit of the Americas

Shoot details

A guerilla-type project, I was asked last minute to capture an image of the iconic no. 911 Porsche 911 RSR in the garage during the IMSA Sportscar Championship weekend in Texas.

Knowing the visual language of the German automaker, I had an idea of the type of shot I wanted almost immediately. Ducking under the barricade, I waited patiently in the garage as the team and drivers moved about. Knowing this would be a quick, single-exposure opportunity, there was a brief moment where everyone was out of the scene - I snapped the shot, and the garage was quickly filled once again to practice driver changes on the no. 912.

To correspond with the garage images, detail and on-track shots of the no. 911 were also provided to the client for added context.