Pure Power: GruppeM supercharger

GruppeM Acura NSX.jpg
GruppeM Acura NSX.jpg

Pure Power: GruppeM supercharger

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GruppeM: the holy grail of performance upgrades for the Honda NSX supercar. Using a modified roots-type Eaton M90 blower as its core, the GruppeM supercharger was praised for its low-RPM torque gains and smooth, immediate power without the typical supercharger whine. Visible through the rear window, the sand cast and billet aluminum finishes are instantly recognizable sitting atop the legendary VTEC 3.0L V6. 

  • Printed on fine-textured, archival luster photo paper
  • Brilliant contrast
  • Glare & fingerprint resistant
  • Available in 8x12, 16x24 and 24x36 sizes

Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery within North America, and 4-6 weeks worldwide.