Colour of Motorsport: BMW 3.0 CSL (limited edition)


Colour of Motorsport: BMW 3.0 CSL (limited edition)

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As well as being one of the most successful touring cars of all time, the BMW 3.0 CSL can largely be credited for the success and identity of BMW's M division. It was one of the first cars produced by BMW Motorsport GmbH in 1973, and also bears the honour of being central to the first ever uniform colour design  by a motorsport team; BMW's blue, violet and red donned everything from the car, to the uniforms and transport haulers. 

The "Batmobile" was immediately successful on track, claiming the 1973 European Touring Car Championship and subsequent titles from 1975 to 1979, class wins at Le Mans in 1973 and '74, and the 1975 IMSA GT Championship, while also testing numerous innovations found on later production BMWs. Its design and success instantly cemented the 3.0 CSL as one of the most iconic touring cars of all time. 

  • 8x12 is printed on premium archival luster photo paper for brilliant colour/contrast and glare/fingerprint resistance
  • 25-piece limited editions:
    • 16x24 is printed on heavy archival cotton-blend paper for rich colours and velvet-like finish
    • 24x36 is printed on brilliant canvas and wrapped around a wood frame, ready to mount

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